Xfinity Fan Fair X at the Music City Center
June 4-7, 2020

The Marketplace is a curated, family-friendly shopping experience at Xfinity Fan Fair X located inside the Music City Center. The Marketplace is intended for independent merchants to sell their products. CMA does not take a percentage of sales but Exhibitors are required to pay sales tax on items sold.  No meet & greets or any Artist participation may take place in the Marketplace.

Marketplace Restrictions

  • The Music City Center has exclusive food & beverage vending rights. Any organization/company who applies under the Marketplace category and wishes to sell or sample food & beverage products, is subject to approval by the Music City Center and CMA.  The application fee is non-refundable in the event that the Music City Center and/or CMA in its sole discretion declines food/beverage sales or sampling.
  • The Marketplace is not intended for national brands, regional brands, or organizations/companies that wish to showcase their products solely through an experiential activation and without retail functionality. These exhibits fall under the umbrella of CMA Partnerships. Questions can be addressed through [email protected]
  • Applications for Multi-Level Marketing Brands (such as DoTerra, Pampered Chef, R+F, Tupperware, Lulumon, etc.) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for relevance to attendees.
  • Any Exhibitor who wishes to display the logo of any brands within exhibit, must be approved by CMA before Friday, April 24 to ensure there is no conflict with existing national CMA partners.   Any approved brand logos may only constitute 20% of exhibit branding.   At least 80% of exhibit branding must be for the exhibit.    Any brand logos displayed on-site that have not been approved by CMA in advance or exceed the 20% limit will be promptly removed from the exhibit.
  • Prohibited merchandise (either for sale or for promotional giveaway) includes all unauthorized CMA-branded merchandise and any unlicensed merchandise bearing the names (including truncated names such as “Merle” or “Willie” or “Cash”), images or trademarks of any Artist or Band, song lyrics/titles and/or album titles or artwork or any similarly infringing materials.  Any vendor selling or otherwise distributing such merchandise will be required to produce written evidence of a valid license to use such images or vendor will be required to promptly remove merchandise from exhibit.

Required Application Attachment

Applicant must attach ONE file (PDF, Word or Powerpoint) to their Marketplace application.  Multiple documents will not be accepted.
ONE document will be reviewed by the Exhibits Council and must contain the following pertinent exhibit information:

1.) Exhibit Name
2.) Product Line with description and pricing
3.) Photo(s)/Diagram of Proposed Exhibit Set Up.Applications with incomplete attachments will not be reviewed.

Marketplace Exhibit Pricing

Exhibit Size:  10×10
Exhibit Price:   $2,000
Each Marketplace 10×10 exhibit has a corner.  Each 10×10 has one aisle side and shares the other side wall with another exhibit.   Marketplace 10×10 Exhibitors will have black back drape eight feet (8’) in height and side drapes three feet (3’) in height.

Exhibit Size:  10×20
Exhibit Price:   $4,000
Each Marketplace 10×20 exhibit has two corners.  Each 10×20 has two aisle sides as well as the front aisle.  Marketplace 10×20 Exhibitors will have black back drape eight feet (8’) in height and optional sides of drape three feet (3’) in height.

Exhibit Size:  20×20
Exhibit Price:   $8,000
Each Marketplace 20×20 exhibit is an island and does not adjoin to any other Exhibits.   All four sides of exhibit are on aisles.

Download PDF for More Information on Provided Assets
Build Out Restrictions and a Diagram of Layout




For additional questions or more information contact: [email protected]